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Why do transposing instruments have another pitch in their score? LIVE SOUNDTRACKING 

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We can now transpose an mp3 online!

The perfect tool to transpose chords on your guitar or ukulele. You will only need to make a couple of clicks to move semitones between notes.

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Transposing Instruments

An example could be the double bass, an instrument that when playing such low notes, to avoid having to constantly use many lines

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Wheel Transposing Instruments

This is a free online tool from PitchShifter. The application allows you to change the pitch and speed of the audio independently

Transposing Instruments. What they are and how to transpose

A double wheel in the shape of a circle of fifths that will help you calculate the pitch of transposing instruments and their key signatures.

Change Song Pitch and Audio Speed

Why do transposing instruments have another pitch in their score?

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Transposing Transport written Transposing Instruments.

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