How to find x intercepts of a rational function

To find the intercept with x, we substitute y = r(x) = 0 in the original function: 0 = x2 - 3x - 18 x2 - 3 The expression is zero when the numerator is zero. then we have that x =6or x = -3 The intercepts with x are (-3, 0) and (6, 0).

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Intercepts in x & y of a function (Radical)

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Rational Function Domain and Intercepts

Learn through a logical and explained method how to obtain the X and Y axis cut points of a function.💥 High School Student?

1. Find the domain of the rational function. 2

An intercept in x of f(x) is defined as the point(s) For a rational function, the intercept in x occurs at Find the intercepts of the function.
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