Nymphs and satyrs sex

In mythology they are often associated with sex drive and vase-painters often portrayed them with perpetual erections. Untamed creatures of the wilderness, halfman and half-beast. A satyr has the body, arms, and sexual organs of a man smothered with coarse hairs, the legs, hooves, and tail of a goat, and a monkey-like face with goat's ears. Satyrs have the nature usually ascribed to a bully: cruel, greedy, lazy, lustful, and mailicious. They perpetuate their race by raping nymphs except for water nymphs, because they are afraid of water. They indugle in drunken orgies, frighten sheep and cattle, and delight in terrifying lonely travellers by pouncing upon them with shrieks of satyric laughter.

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Faun vs. Satyr - What's the difference?

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The main difference between Faun and Satyr is that the Faun is a mythological half human—half goat and Satyr is a goat-like male companions of Pan and Dionysus, in Greek mythology. The goat man, more commonly affiliated with the Satyrs of Greek mythology or Fauns of Roman, is a bipedal creature with the legs of a goat and the torso of a man and is often depicted with goat's horns. These creatures in turn borrowed their appearance from the god Pan of the Greek pantheon. They were a symbol of fertility, and their chieftain was Silenus, a minor deity of Greek mythology. Early artistic representations sometimes include horse-like legs, but, in 6th-century BC black-figure pottery, human legs are the most common. The faun is a similar woodland-dwelling creature from Roman mythology, which had the body of a man, but the legs, horns, and tail of a goat. In myths, both are often associated with pipe-playing.
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Satyrs and nymphs

Nymphs are female nature spirits from Greek mythology which are well-known for their beauty. Still, they're not considered mortals either, as they won't ever grow old or be affected by illness. Nymphs are typically friendly in disposition, although there have been some exceptions. They're often associated with dance, music, love and promiscuity, and known to engage in love and sexual behavior not only with humans but also with other forest denizens such as Fauns and Satyrs.
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The nymphs in Greek public consciousness began as a deity figure whose power and recognition lay somewhere between that of an Olympian goddess and a mortal heroine. As will be explored further in this piece, the fluid image of the nymph changed drastically throughout history, seen initially as the helpful but mysterious nature-spirits, but then, over the span of hundreds of years, twisted into threatening and dangerous omens. Outlined below is a glimpse into the world of these wondrous beings, from their dwellings to their capabilities, from their funerary participation to their preferred demonstrations of devotion. The diversity of this term may, therefore, pose the threat of ambiguity when studying ancient sources in search of the nymphs.
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